Pop Culture News At Pop Critica

So not to confuse things, and make my life easier, I have decided to post the pop culture news related to toys, movies, TV, comic books and video games over at Pop Critica. This is the site that I merged the first version of the Flying Ninja Kick with and that I am the Co-Editor of as well. It only makes sense to keep that stuff in one place and just focus on the art, design and technology stuff, along with some odds-n-ends here. So I hope if you have been stopping by here to check things out–that you will continue to follow me over there as well.


About the Author

Jason is a designer, illustrator and toy collector that enjoys sharing in his hobbies with like minded people. That includes toys, movies, TV, anime, comics, manga, video games and more. Follow on Twitter at @FNKick for the latest updates and pop culture talk, and on Instagram at @fnkick for images of toys and other interesting things. Rise up and transform!