About Jason Krause

Photo of Jason KrauseHello. I’m Jason Krause, and it looks like you have come across my little space on the Internet. This is where I hone my skills to be a ninja…a design ninja! Joking aside, welcome to my website. It is where I have portfolio examples of my work and a blog that I post mindless drivel about things I find interesting.

More than likely you are here because I replied to a job posting of yours, or someone we know in common suggested you pay me a visit. Either way, have a look around and if you like what you see, then get in touch with me.

I am a print and web designer with over 15 years (yikes!) of professional experience. I have worked on corporate identities, magazines, comic books, and other types of publications, advertisements, flyers and mailers. This also includes pre-press production and large-format printing. Along with print, I have years of experience working with websites, user-interfaces and search engine optimization; bringing a vast array of ideas to the table.

In addition to being a designer, I am also an illustrator. I have done illustration for even longer than design, since I was wee little lad. I do both traditional and digital illustration. I really enjoy comic book illustration and have worked on a number of projects in my lifetime so far, including one that will be coming out next year under Big Blue Comics!

When I’m not doing design or illustration (or any of my other numerous hobbies), I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy partaking in some of my hobbies which include: riding my bike on the trails around where I live, discovering new music, collecting and consuming pop culture, along with writing about it on the website I co-operate with my friend Rich Alot over at Pop Critica.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Design Ninja!

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